Fabiani & Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital: The Colour of Love

Miracles happen every day at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. On a sunny day in May this year, Fabiani, the leading luxury menswear brand in South Africa, was honoured to be part of one of these miracles.

The Fabiani team (Bruce Procter, Head of Business; Lyle Paul, Head of Marketing; Mymoena Mooradd, CSI Manager and Roxanne Albertyn, Marketing Coordinator) met with Chantel Cooper, Head of Fundraising, and Verity Reynolds, Digital Marketing Manager, of the Children’s Hospital Trust, to hand over a cheque for R100 000, which will go towards the construction of a larger peadiatric intensive care unit (PICU) at the hospital. This donation was made possible by the ongoing Last Red Buttonhole Project, a super successful corporate social responsibility initiative that began in September 2008, when Fabiani pledged to donate a percentage from the sales of each of their finely-crafted shirts. The trademark feature of the shirts, hence the name of the project, is that the last buttonhole is stitched in red thread and the button sewn on with red thread. To date, Fabiani have been able to donate R855 000, and they are aiming to reach the R1 million mark by next year.

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is home to some of the best doctors in South Africa, who deliver world-class care to about 250 000 children a year, most of whom come from impoverished communities around South Africa and greater Africa. The hospital specialises in transplants, heart surgeries (including heart transplants), neurosurgery and burns, the only burns unit in Africa with the facilities and skilled expertise able to take care of a child with 80% burn damage.

It was a heartwarming morning, with a few misty-eyed moments, as Chantel took the Fabiani team on a tour of the hospital. They were shown the first upgrades to the PICU, as well as the theatre wards, trauma unit, teaching unit and outpatients unit. “A lot happens in this incredible space,” said Chantel, who has worked at the Children’s Hospital Trust for four years and displays exceptional passion for her job. “The amazing thing that sets us apart from everybody else is that it’s not just about the child and the medical care, it’s about the whole family. There are no set visiting hours, parents can stay for as long as they want, because we believe that a child heals faster when they feel safe. We also organise food parcels for the family when their child is discharged. If a child arrives in an ambulance, we take care of clothing, hygiene packs, accommodation for parents and meals. We even have bedside tutoring for those children who will be staying for longer periods of time.”  

The ongoing upgrade of the PICU has seen the old open plan layout been replaced with three patient units, each with their own isolation facility. This ensures no cross infections as well as protection from others, for those patients that are gravely ill. The first patient unit opened last year – a 10-bed neo-natal high-care unit for premature babies. The next patient unit will open in October this year. Before the upgrades, the PICU wards were dark and sombre, but now brilliant sunshine streams in through the floor to ceiling windows, which has proven to aid recovery and relaxation. The waiting area for parents of children in the PICU features comfortable chairs, a small kitchenette and a TV.

It was Bruce’s first time visiting the hospital, and he had this to say:

“I’m honestly blown away. What they’ve done here is amazing, I wasn’t expecting anything like this. It is absolutely world-class and shows that our donations are being used in a positive way – for the upliftment and care of children, our country’s future. Fabiani will continue to support the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, to help make a difference where we can for those in need.”

(pictured: Fabiani & Children’s Hospital Trust Team)

(from left to right: Lyle Paul, Chantel Cooper, Verity Reynolds, Mymoena Mooradd & Bruce Procter)

October will see the opening of the new patient unit in the PICU, and Fabiani will be there to celebrate with the incredible staff of The Children’s Hospital Trust as well as the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Doing good never goes out of fashion!

Head of Fundraising
Chantel Cooper (Head of Fundraising – Children’s Hospital Trust)
Bruce Procter (Head of Business-Fabiani)
Lyle Paul – (Head of Marketing – Fabiani)
Verity Reynolds ( Digital Marketing Manager-Children’s Hospital Trust)


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  1. Well done to the Fabiani team and TFG CSI for this amazing initiative. Doing good surely never goes out of fashion. Super proud of this on-going support and initiative

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