The Gentlemen’s Guide to Storage

Think of your closet as a collection of tools, on hand to build your ‘look’ on any given day. We all know what they say about “first impressions” and the prowess of Power Dressing…So considering the importance of such a collection; isn’t it time you gave some thought to how you stow these important ‘tools’? Here are our hassle-free storage tips to help you organize your closet like a boss.

Getting the Hang of It

You’ve invested your hard-earned money into your suit collection, so make sure you hang them up neatly on a sturdy hanger which can accommodate the trousers and the jacket without creasing. To help retain the shape of your suit, opt for a wide hanger which should fully support the shoulders of the jacket. The savvy folks at Fabiani sell their suits on the ideal hanger, so keep this handy for proper storage. For suits and tuxes that you don’t wear frequently; zip them up, and hang in a fabric suit bag, just to keep them protected from dust and humidity.

Stacked for Success

Knitwear such as sweaters and cardigans should never be hung. The very nature of knitted fibres is that they stretch to shape; so, the longer you leave your sweater hanging in the closet, the longer the body and sleeves will elongate and stretch, and you’ll have permanent bumps on your shoulders. The best storage solution for knitwear is to fold it; and store in a drawer or on a roomy shelf, where you can see what you have without stressing out the fibres.

It’s All in The Jeans

Denim is one of the hardiest items in your closet, so it’s not precious on how you store it – but it can take up the most space if you have a few pairs. If you don’t have room to fold and pile it up on a shelf; try rolling them up in a storage basket so you can grab and go. Another solution for hanging heavy fabric like denim is good old fashioned meat hooks – you can even hang them on the back of your door to air between wears. Just remember; the indigo dye they use in denim, transfers easily…so keep far away from your white shirts and light coloured chinos.

Trouser Trivia

An easy way to store trousers in challenging cupboard space is to use a multi-hanger which can hold a few pairs of trousers at once. Fold your trousers along the back seam and smooth with your hand as you fold over the bar to knock out any extra creases. But note; if you have a pair of trousers with ironed-increases down the front, you need to fold these lengthwise with the crease, and hang accordingly.

The Shirt Story

Aside from the obvious; that you need to hang up your smart collared shirts to avoid creases. You should also take the time to button them right up to the top, before packing away. Leaving collars unbuttoned in your cupboard, is going to result in them remaining folded open when you wear them without a tie. So, if you want to pop your collar with class, train your shirt before you wear them, and button-up after ironing.

Divide & Conquer

Rummaging through your sock drawer every morning is only going to waste your time. Use drawer dividers or open storage containers, to separate your socks into colour, length, and even occasion themes, making them easily accessible in a hurry. The same tactic can work for your pocket squares and belts if you roll them up – no more tangled chaos at 7am.

Winter Games

Winter scarves can end up hogging space that you don’t have, and turning into a heap of wool every time you try pull out the one at the bottom of the drawer. Save yourself a lot of aggro by folding and stacking your scarves in a box sideways, so you can see all that you have from a birds-eye view. Keeping them in a compact box also allows you to move them to the top of the cupboard during warmer months, without too much effort.

Tied Up

Watch any movie where the hero is a dapper suited gent, and we’ll bet he has an impressive walk-in wardrobe…complete with an immaculate display of ties. Show off your own curation of neck accessories by hanging your ties neatly and in order of colour and thickness. Not only will it look impressive; you’ll also pick the perfect tie every time, and not just the first one you find.

Shoe Etiquette

Leather shoes aren’t sneakers – they won’t just bounce back into shape if you throw them in the bottom of the closet. So, unless you have a bottomless pit of cash, you need to preserve and protect your leather footwear for as long as possible. Keeping them in their original box won’t allow the leather to breath (which is vital for their longevity) especially in humid areas; so rather place your shoes sole-down, side by side, on a shelf. If you’re short of shelving space, opt for a metal shoe shelf at the bottom of the closet; just keep it neat so the harder heels won’t scratch your softer leather footwear.

Think Inside the Box

For footwear, which isn’t leather, take a page out of your Girlfriends Guidebook and get yourself some clear shoe boxes (or stationary boxes) and store your footwear into neat stacks. If the box isn’t entirely see-through, add a post-it note to describe the shoe inside, so you can find them at a glance. We know this sounds like way more work than you’re willing to do on the weekend; but you’ll thank us later when your footwear last longer, and you don’t have to hunt through a pile of shoes every day.

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Storage

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