All about that FIT

I understand the importance of the perfect fit, which is why all of my Fabiani  suits are tailored to my specific proportions. With that said, I thought I’ll take you through my tailoring journey at one of the Fabiani stores – which is complimentary with any suit purchase (great touch, don’t you think?!)

suit-1-featured-imageAchieving the perfect fit at a Fabiani store was incredibly easy and didn’t cost a cent. A fashion consultant took my garment and receipt, and introduced me to the in-store tailor.

I communicated what I wanted, had my measurements taken and agreed on a collection date. It was as simple as that.

body-copy2.pngPersonal tailoring is one of my best kept style secrets and makes my Fabiani wardrobe look dapper and custom-made.

Keep posted for more of my personal tailoring tips 😉






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